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Here are some overdue photos that I took of the Easter Vigil Mass I attended at the Church of Christ the King about a month ago. Why do I remember that date (April 15, but Easter is Apr 16, right?) so well? Because that's when the fire was lit.

P1090549 (Custom).JPG

Nervous altar server lights the fire inside the church hall.

P1090540 (Custom).JPG

Nice fire burning. Here's one of the better shots while I was adjusting my camera settings. Hey! Before this I'd never taken any photos in complete darkness before!

P1090554 (Custom).JPG

Father Stephen Yim reciting prayers while altar server gets his alb sleeve burned.

P1090565 (Custom).JPG

Holy fire! My sleeve!

P1090570 (Custom).JPG

And my face too!

P1090573 (Custom).JPG

The main fire burns gently as parish priest Father Peter Koh holds the Easter candle for the altar servers to light theirs from. I always wondered whether the Easter candle uses the kind of wick that can never be blown off accidentally.

P1090578 (Custom).JPG

A nice, soft photo of altar boys holding their candles… the last in a series of shots before I looked up to take a break and caught this nice view:

P1090583 (Custom).JPG

Wow! That was fast!

There's something mysteriously beautiful about a quietly burning flame in a dark room. This one was taken more recently on the World Day of Prayer for Vocations, at Kingsmead Hall where the Jesuits and their friends came to pray for more vocations and the sustenance of present ones… and this photographer came to play with his camera in front of the Blessed Sacrament. >.<

P1100264 (Custom)1.JPG

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