Lamb of God

I was at a certain church for Mass. At the Lamb of God, the slide with the lyrics of the song had a picture of a man holding a lamb in his arms.

The thought then came to mind: If Jesus is the lamb, who's the man?

Of course my companion was equally warped: two Jesus-es??


Last week's 8 DAYS has this page of numbers which I found quite hilarious. Here are a few:

No. of people who think 6/6/2006 is the day of the Apocalypse: The same number who thought the world would come to an end on 1/1/2000

No. of teams competing at this year's World Cup: 32
No. of times Brazil has won the World Cup: 5
No. of times Singapore has won the World Cup: 0
No. of you who will most likely laugh after reading the previous entry: 32,789
No. of you who are still laughing: 20,447

No. of people who can't believe Taufik is MTV Asia's top Singapore artiste over Stefanie Sun: 1.1 million
No. of people who believe Taufik deserves to be MTV Asia's top Singapore artiste: As many as there are in his family


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