This is Ruyi, my cousin's cat. This photo was taken when he was just a little kitten. They adopted him around Christmas time, so his full name is Christmas Wong Ruyi. But like many Chinese who convert to Christianity, his Christian name never stuck, so we always call him Ruyi.


His friend over there, the white and brown one, was found and adopted around Easter time, so his name is Easter. Unfortunately, following a tragic accident, Easter is no longer with us.


These photos were, of course, taken some time ago. This is Ruyi as he is now:


He is quite possibly the largest and fattest cat I have ever seen with my own eyes. Unfortunately, this photo doesn't really show his size. We need to place him next to something small, so that we can see just how big he is.


This is Ruyi with Nutella, who would probably be counted as "something small". In this rare hard-to-find cannot-miss photo, you can see how they both have the same facial expression. This photo is hard-to-find cannot-miss, because once Nutella sees this photo on this blog, she will poke me until I have it removed…

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