After having not eaten for nearly 24 hours, because I was asleep for nearly that long a time, I rose from bed, brushed my teeth, and went down to search for food like a bear that has just hibernated the whole of winter.

I found some fried rice, a slice of luncheon meat, and some leftover kway chap soup inclusive of tao kwa pok and some meat (I forgot what it’s called). Heating them up in the microwave often, I hunted for something to read and found Saturday’s Straits Times. I picked up the Life! section, where I read the comics while waiting for my food to be heated up.

By the time I was ready to start dinner, or supper, or breakfast, whatever you call it, I was reading the main paper already. Halfway through the meal, I laid eyes on this rather interesting article called:


Reading further, I began to lose my appetite, as you will too, if you don’t put down that snack you’re munching on as you read this…






This article should have come with a warning not to read it while eating…

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