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Shoo, ant, shoo!

I am mildly disturbed by the amount of artificial food I eat. There’s Frosties, Cheezels, M&Ms, Twisties among others and I’ve happily been snacking all these in my room which till now has been ant-free.

But when a bottle of nuts was brought in, ants started to stream in… which made me wonder, where have they been all along? Or maybe they were on the bottle…

Speaking of which, the other day I went downstairs to eat bread and corned beef. There was a plate on corned beef on the table already, so I popped it into the microwave set on “high”. A minute later, I took it out and set the steaming plate on the table. Breaking the bread, I leaned forward to pinch a handful of corned beef when I noticed some small brown ants crawling on the edge.

“How did they survive the microwave?” I wondered, sweeping them away. Then I noticed on the side a whole bunch of ants that didn’t survive the microwave, curled up and dead, disguised as bits of corned beef.


“Just eat lah,” my grandmother said. When I was five, I once found ants in my cup of tea and my cousin said, “Drink, it’s good for you. Additional protein.” 

So I swept away what I could identify as ants and ate from the middle of the plate.

Speaking of microwaves…

I got an email the other day about a school kid who conducted an experiment. She watered two plants in different pots. One plant she watered with normal water; the other she used previously microwaved water, and then observed the changes over a few days.

The plant that received microwaved water turned brown after several days.

The student repeated the experiment by replanting two other plants in pots with fresh soil, and observed their growth using the respective water with the same results.

Clearly, according to the experiment, microwaved water is not healthy for plants.

Now the question is, why not? The email writes that microwave radiation is the cause of it, but all microwave radiation does is cause the water molecules to rotate faster, and heats up the water because of increased energy. Why would water that has been microwaved result in harmful water?

The email also says that this is reason why mothers should not warm up milk in the microwave, but to use a toaster.

Anyone has an explanation for the experiment?

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