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“If you have faith in Jesus, there is nothing to be afraid of,” said Father William Goh in a talk held at CANA on Sep 13.

That didn’t stop me from being edgy as I wrote out an article on the talk, knowing full well that I could very well face what he described as demonic opposition.

Father William said that this happened to him as he arrived to give the talk, because he wasn’t going to say good things about the devil.

I digress as I wonder whether the devil would prefer us to say good things or bad things about him.

Still, just as Father William faced his own form of opposition, so too did I, not least in the form of a nasty sore throat and cold. And I think, had I not gone to the doctor to nip it in the bud the day the symptoms appeared, I sure would not have been able to go for the second talk, which was necessary to concretise my thought process on the content of the talk.

Even so, while writing the article on a cold windy night in the wee hours, I kept remembering that I wasn’t going to write good things about the devil, and if possible, he would come and interfere in the process.

So I remembered to save my article frequently, pray for deliverance from evil, and ask two friends online to pray for me. It’s hard to concentrate on writing if you have to keep stopping to pray.

I managed to produce a reasonably nice article on the talk, which covered the main points. Every time I started to feel the chills, which were not symptoms of fever, I remember the story my mother told me following the talk.

She was in her room one night, reading, I think. All of a sudden, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a black shadow pass. She glanced towards the side where she saw the shadow, but there was nothing there, so she returned to her reading. A few moments later, the black shadow passed by again, and again when she looked, there was nothing there.

Then she took off her glasses and found a black ant crawling on it…

If you have faith in Jesus, there is nothing to be afraid of.

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