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I was reading one of the articles that says that there can never be a moral use for condoms. The Wikipedia entry on condoms disagrees:

Condoms excel as multipurpose containers because they are waterproof, elastic, durable, and will not arouse suspicion if found.

  • Condoms have been used to waterproof boxes of matches and kindling, often by hikers and campers.

  • Condoms can be used to hold water in emergency survival situations. The British SAS carry condoms as a method for carrying water in these emergencies.

  • In his book entitled Last Chance to See, Douglas Adams reported having used a condom to protect a microphone he used to make an underwater recording. According to one of his travelling companions, this is standard BBC practice for when a waterproof microphone is needed but cannot be procured.

  • Condoms are used with wireless microphone belt packs to prevent sweat from entering the electronics.

  • Condoms are used by engineers to keep soil samples dry during soil tests.

  • In movies like The Incredible Shrinking Man, condoms filled with water are a cheap way to simulate giant raindrops.

  • In films and on TV, condoms are often used as containers for fake blood on actors, burst open when shooting gory scenes such as a character getting shot

I swear, you really do learn something new everyday! Let me add that condoms can be used for water balloon games. :P

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