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There was once a series of Remedial Training (RT) session for reservists. These were the ones who failed their physical fitness test the previous year, so they had to come back for two months of extra physical training.

During one of these extra tough sessions, there was a 2.4km run as the last exercise of the day. The large crowd of reservists were to run in two batches. One member of the first batch tried unsuccessfully to hide among the second batch. He was caught by the instructors who from then on, kept a watchful eye on him. It was easy, because he wore a bright green shirt.

As he made his way to the crowd, members of the second batch began to jeer at him, because he walked in an extremely effeminate way. Throughout the run, while others were running the six laps, our guy in a green shirt walked.

At the end of the fifth lap, being one of the last to finish, he made to stop, but the instructors pounced on him and forced him to go one more lap at the mockery of the crowd.

At that point, one member of the crowd strode over to the instructors and rebuked them for their discrimination. Then turning around to face the others, he said in a loud voice, “Let those who did not chao keng (skive) during any exercise today make him run the last round.” He said this because there were many of the others who also ran only five rounds, including himself.

Well… if only someone had the courage to step forward and be a Christian, then that would have happened…

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