Okay, I think I’ve procrastinated this post long enough….

The plan for the day was simple. I didn’t know what the plan for the day was. All I knew was that it entailed spending the day with someone I love.

The plan of the day was simple. She was to come to my place at 8am and we would go out to wherever it was she planned for us to go. I just knew it would involve somewhere that we could be comfortable with nature around us. But at 8am however, she messaged me asking me to go back to sleep. She would come over only at 10am, which I was quite grateful for, since it meant two more hours of sleep…

I only woke up at noon, which was just in time to open the door for her as she arrived at my doorstep.

“So, where are we going?” I asked.

“Wait, I check map first,” she replied, avoiding me as I tried to peek over her shoulder to find out where we were going. In a few minutes, she called out to me as I was brushing my teeth. “Can you help? I don’t know how to get there.”


“So where is it that we’re going?” I asked, taking the street directory in hand.

“Macritchie Tree-top Trail,” she replied, pouting. “I wanted to surprise you, but I don’t know how to get there.”

“Oh, but I am surprised,” I said, laughing at her inability to read maps and properly plan a surprise.

Before long, we were out of the house making our way towards Toa Payoh Bus Interchange where we would buy buns and bring along with us for our tree-top walk. It was beginning to drizzle, so I brought along an umbrella. B the time we got to Toa Payoh, it begun to rain cats and dogs. So much for our Tree-top Trail… now that came as a surprise.

First, a stopover at Toa Payoh Library where she had to use the toilet. So did I. She was in there for quite a while, and that got me a bit worried, because it usually only took her two minutes. Off we went then to the Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre where we visited the video arcade and spent about $20 on a variety of games such as Time Crisis 4, which I really suck at, Marvel VS Capcom 2, which we really sucked at, KOF2001, which I got slaughtered by the last boss which I somehow managed to reach despite only knowing a few basic moves, PhotoHunt, Bishi-Bashi, and a funny game where you take a rubber hammer and bash a glass screen. Fun to play, funnier to watch someone play, since it attracts a lot of attention.

After this fun time, we decided to go home, since the rain didn’t stop. When we reached home, I decided to dump my stuff at the porch and dragged her out to play in the rain. Now that was really fun, getting soaked to the skin and splashing water around with our bare feet in the middle of the road, not caring what our neighbours thought.

A nice hot shower, and then we were out again, going for Mass at Church of St. Michael. We were a bit late because we had to dry off at home, but didn’t miss too much. After Mass, we fed the dogs some beef jerky treats and I decided to pay a visit to my grandfather’s niche at the columbarium downstairs.

We had a drink at the church canteen when a lady came up to me and asked if I could help her carry some heavy boxes. I did so and when I was done, she asked me, “Are you Catholic Writer?” That was surprising.

“Yes,” I said. “And you are?”

The church secretary’s reply didn’t ring a bell, and I was quite sure I’d never met her before, so I didn’t know how she knew my name. She did have a strange look on her face though…

Feeling quite hungry after spending more than half an hour at the church after Mass, I was thinking of bringing her to Lagnaa for dinner, but she didn’t feel like it. “I want Mac’s fries,” she said, but as it was quite a long walk there on an empty stomach, we settled for beef hor fun nearby. Now armed with a full stomach, we made our way to Mac’s where she had to use the toilet again… and again she took quite a long time. Grrr… I was actually in a bad mood at that time because I wanted to go home and she wouldn’t let me.

When she finally came out of the loo, she took me outside the Mac’s, took out a shirt that she brought from my home, made me turn around and blindfolded me. What followed was a series of embarrassing unmentionables until I was herded into a car that came to pick us up.

Immediately I reached forward, trying to feel the features of the driver, but was quickly pulled back. I took a sniff and decided that I was in a new car. The radio was on and tuned to a station that young people listened to, so that ruled out some people who I thought might have been the mysterious driver. I finally nailed his identity when she described some of the gestures he was making. It was none other than… the Toilet!

She and the Toilet brought me home to a darkened house and as I was still blindfolded, I overheard someone say, “Wait, I go tell the rest to go inside first.” The rest?

She removed my blindfold and led me into the dark house where I was surprised by a group of my closest friends. Gee… my first ever surprise birthday party! Planned by none other than the one who I thought was unable to properly plan a surprise!

It was only after she helped me piece all the pieces of the puzzle together that I realised just how much she had done to prepare this surprise. She called up my friends in secret and arranged to meet them to write in a scrapbook that she prepared for me… which I have yet to properly receive.

She arranged for the cake (yummy!) to be picked up, the pizzas to be delivered, the friends to be present, and the mood to be set. She was late in the morning because she was writing me a card, and because she went to the church to ask for a special birthday intention to be celebrate during that evening’s Mass, which is why we die-die had to go to St. Mike’s (not so much because of the dogs which she claimed). That was also how the church secretary knew my name and why she had that strange look on her face. She realised that I wasn’t supposed to know what my dearie did for me yet.

But what made this birthday surprise so wonderful was that she managed to arrange for every single person I call “friend” to be present there.

A very big thank you to all my friends who love me so much as to spend more than one hungry hour waiting for me to come home to surprise me on my birthday! And a extra big thank you to my parents for helping Nutella to arrange everything perfectly. And to think that I thought that she couldn’t properly plan a surprise…. How wrong I was!

I’m still waiting for the photos…

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