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I conducted a difficult interview the other day. I had to interview Shampoo for an article I’m hoping we don’t have to publish. It was a difficult interview because it was a sad topic. And yet, like most difficult interviews, it was very fulfilling.

Shampoo has a similar job to mine. In fact, we have the same designation, although we operate different aspects of it. So in a sense, preparing and going through the interview was difficult for me because while exploring her thoughts, I was also delving into my own.

Fortunately, as I am a guy, I am able to more easily compartmentalize my feelings from what I was doing then. Had to be objective and remain on top of things.

Even so, since we worked quite closely at times, there were inevitable overlaps that came out during the interview… overlaps that made it hard for me to push the limits by asking certain questions that I would normally find it easier to ask.

Exploring her responses was also a very meaningful exercise for me. As different as we are, we face similar circumstances. Even though we come from different backgrounds, we encounter similar situations. But because we come from different backgrounds, our initial responses are quite different. Still, as time passes, we grow more alike in our responses.

It was a heartwarming and fruitful interview, one of the better ones I’ve had. It is always hard to interview someone you’re close to, but a close relationship also makes it easier to know which are the best questions to ask… which are usually the ones most difficult to answer.

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