For those who enjoy debating for the sake of debating, especially about spiritual and religious matters, take care, for Douglas Laird warns that “Being Lured Into A Debate Is A Satanic Trap”.

Among many other reasons, this is why Satan encourages a debate. It doesn’t matter if the debate is between two or three persons around the water bubbler at a coffee break or one that is being broadcasted over the various forms of modern-day media. Although there are some who will be edified in the process as God turns the curse into a blessing, the interests of Satan is served as he takes advantage of the opportunity to oppose the truth and have the false viewpoint of the majority of the listeners being reinforced and further deceived.

There is no one more pitiful in the spiritual realm than for an ignorant or arrogant believer to be an unwitting tool in the hand of Satan. Satan will always use Christian debates to divide the believers and to promote his false doctrines.

What then are we to do when we are confronted with a spiritual question?

The best answer to this question is to follow the example of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Whenever He was confronted with a spiritual question/issue by Satan (Matt.4) or by those who would do the devil’s work (Matt.22: 15), He did provide a response but not always an answer (Matt.21: 27) to the inquirer’s question. After declaring the applicable Biblical principle, He did NOT continue any further DEBATE with those whose only motive was to discredit Him. (Matt. 4/Matt.22: 15).

Only for those who truly sought further edification, would He explain Himself or His doctrine any further (Matt. 13:36).

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