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Friday, 06 June – Meditation is not sleeping

06 June – Friday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time
                       St. Norbert, bishop, religious founder

St. Norbert (1080-1134) had been born to the nobility and raised around the royal court. There he developed a very worldly view, taking holy orders as a career move when he joined the Benedictines. A narrow escape from death led to a conversion experience, and taking his vows seriously. He founded a community of Augustinian canons, starting a reform movement that swept through European monastic houses. St. Norbert also reformed the clergy in his see. He is one of the patron saints of peace.


2 Timothy 3:10-17

You know what I have taught, how I have lived, what I have aimed at; you know my faith, my patience and my love; my constancy and the persecutions and hardships that came to me in places like Antioch, Iconium and Lystra – all the persecutions I have endured; and the Lord has rescued me from every one of them. You are well aware, then, that anybody who tries to live in devotion to Christ is certain to be attacked; while these wicked impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving others and deceived themselves.

You must keep to what you have been taught and know to be true; remember who your teachers were, and how, ever since you were a child, you have known the holy scriptures – from these you can learn the wisdom that leads to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All scripture is inspired by God and can profitably be used for teaching, for refuting error, for guiding people’s lives and teaching them to be holy. This is how the man who is dedicated to God becomes fully equipped and ready for any good work.


Mark 12:35-37

While teaching in the Temple, Jesus said, ‘How can the scribes maintain that the Christ is the son of David? David himself, moved by the Holy Spirit, said:

The Lord said to my Lord:
Sit at my right hand
and I will put your enemies
under your feet.

David himself calls him Lord, in what way then can he be his son?’ And the great majority of the people heard this with delight.


All scripture is inspired by God and can profitably be used.

Today’s readings tell us about the practicality of God’s Word. Indeed, as St Paul describes it, the Word can teach, refute error, guide our lives and teach us to be holy – and these are shown within these readings.

The profit of keeping to the Word is great peace, as mentioned in the responsorial psalm. In the Gospel reading, Jesus made sense of scriptures for His listeners. We too, can learn from meditating on the Word.

One does not need to sit perfectly still to meet God through the Bible. It takes only a heart that seeks Him to ponder on His Word, which does not make apparent sense sometimes. If you think it is easy for writers like us to write a three-paragraph reflection like this, be reassured that we have been stumped by the readings many times. However, with time, that heart that seeks God will understand more of who He is, which is a delightful surprise – Jesus’ listeners in the Gospel reading could tell you that.

(Today’s reflection by Regina Xie)

Prayer: We pray to the Lord for the fervour to know Him through His Word.

Thanksgiving: We give thanks to the Lord for the wonder that is His Word.


Upcoming readings:
07 June, Sat – 2 Timothy 4:1-8; Mark 12:38-44
08 Jun, Sun – Hosea 6:3-6; Romans 4:18-25; Matthew 9:9-13; Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
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