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Monday, 31 Oct – Kindness

31 Oct

Romans 11:29-36

God never takes back his gifts or revokes his choice.

Just as you changed from being disobedient to God, and now enjoy mercy because of their disobedience, so those who are disobedient now – and only because of the mercy shown to you – will also enjoy mercy eventually. God has imprisoned all men in their own disobedience only to show mercy to all mankind.

How rich are the depths of God – how deep his wisdom and knowledge – and how impossible to penetrate his motives or understand his methods! Who could ever know the mind of the Lord? Who could ever be his counsellor? Who could ever give him anything or lend him anything?

All that exists comes from him; all is by him and for him. To him be glory for ever! Amen.

Luke 14:12-14

Jesus said to his host, one of the leading Pharisees, ‘When you give a lunch or a dinner, do not ask your friends, brothers, relations or rich neighbours, for fear they repay your courtesy by inviting you in return. No; when you have a party, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind; that they cannot pay you back means that you are fortunate, because repayment will be made to you when the virtuous rise again.’

All that exists come from him; all is by him and for him

Maintaining a healthy relationship with one’s superior is a difficult thing to do because it can sometimes be construed as trying to curry favour. This is certainly not what Jesus would like us to do as mentioned in the readings for today. Indeed to the contrary, we should actually look at reaching out to those who need our help rather than those who do not.

In the many encounters that we have with people I am sure we will come across some who are indeed of a kind word or action. It need not require an effort that is tremendous; sometimes even just expressing one’s appreciation to a person who has helped us might make the day of the latter. The cynical will say that these people want to appear to be generous and altruistic in nature so that their standing in society may rise and I do admit that there are some people who exhibit such behaviour.

The intent of our action as a Christian is what distinguishes us from the rest. We have chosen to show our love to all whom we meet. Whilst we cannot help everyone we can help those we meet and this is what I ask that we carry out today. We can either extend a kind word or action to the person who least expects it or omit hurtful words or actions that may harm a person. Our behaviour will demonstrate to others what it means to be Christian in this day and age.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Nicholas Chia)

Prayer: Dear God, let us remember that it is you whom we serve

Thanksgiving: We give thanks for all works of mercy and action

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