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7 July, Saturday – The Season Of New Wine

7 July


Amos 9:11-15

It is the Lord who speaks:

‘That day I will re-erect the tottering hut of David,
make good the gaps in it, restore its ruins
and rebuild it as it was in the days of old,
so that they can conquer the remnant of Edom
and all the nations that belonged to me.’

It is the Lord who speaks, and he will carry this out.

‘The days are coming now – it is the Lord who speaks –
when harvest will follow directly after ploughing,
the treading of grapes soon after sowing,
when the mountains will run with new wine
and the hills all flow with it.
I mean to restore the fortunes of my people Israel;
they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them,
plant vineyards and drink their wine,
dig gardens and eat their produce.
I will plant them in their own country,
never to be rooted up again
out of the land I have given them,
says the Lord, your God.’


Matthew 9:14-17

John’s disciples came to him and said, ‘Why is it that we and the Pharisees fast, but your disciples do not?’ Jesus replied, ‘Surely the bridegroom’s attendants would never think of mourning as long as the bridegroom is still with them? But the time will come for the bridegroom to be taken away from them, and then they will fast. No one puts a piece of unshrunken cloth on to an old cloak, because the patch pulls away from the cloak and the tear gets worse. Nor do people put new wine into old wineskins; if they do, the skins burst, the wine runs out, and the skins are lost. No; they put new wine into fresh skins and both are preserved.’


The harvest will follow directly

I shared a few days back that I am in a season of change. This season hasn’t been easy on me. One filled with anxiety, pain and grief. During this season, the Lord also led me to a new spiritual director (SD) who has been journeying with me over the past 2 months.

Recently, I was so blessed to go on a retreat with my new SD. The retreat centre was far from the city, set in over 500 acres of land and completely tranquil, the weather was cool and sunny. Perfect for my tired soul. One day in a session, I lamented that I could not feel God’s presence or see past my darkness. I could not pray, journal or meditate on scripture. I wondered if Jesus was present with me at all, or was I too consumed in my own doubt, despair and anguish to even notice he was right there with me.

Today’s first reading were words of hope and restoration. It appears that the dark clouds would soon lift for Israel. Up till this point, it appeared that it was all doom for Israel – the people were deserving of judgment because they had taken the material wealth and blessings given by God to turn their hearts away from loving and serving him. As I read and re-read the reading – my heart was filled with hope and excitement.

The Lord is indeed making changes in my life, He has been laying the foundation and setting the stage for a new dawn. But I have been too afraid of the unknown that I kept clinging to the present – a present that is familiar, though agonizing and unpleasant. But at the retreat, there were also many grace filled moments – moments of consolation, peace and child-like fun. Yes, I felt those moments. Just as my desolation is real – there is also another reality. That Jesus was indeed present with me at the retreat, just waiting for me. Like a parent trying to get the attention of a cranky distracted child – Jesus has been there with me in some pretty spectacular moments.

So I liken my life now to new wine. ‘A new era is here! This is the season of new wine. You are about to encounter Me as you never have before.’ In the new wine season, the Spirit is wooing me ‘I am calling you to intimacy with Me. And in that place, I will be your greatest delight’. So just as new wine cannot be put into old wine skins, I can’t force what God is making of me, back into my old ways – comfortable as the thought maybe. The outcome will be a horrible mess.

So today, I bask and marvel at my ‘new wine’ status – new wine is from grapes that have been through a recent process of crushing. Yes, being crushed is painful. But the trials are soon giving way to joy! I just have to endure the process and trust in the Lord.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Geraldine Nah)

Prayer: Let us never lose sight of you. Let us be strong, knowing that whatever challenges, difficulties and loss we are feeling, that You Lord are near. That you are in the process of creating new wine in all of us.

Thanksgiving: Thank you Jesus, for the promise of a new dawn. Thank you for restoring us back to lives rich in harvest. Thank you for calling us into such an intimate relationship with you.