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15 June, Saturday – A Promise is a Promise

15 June 2019


2 Corinthians 5:14-21

The love of Christ overwhelms us when we reflect that if one man has died for all, then all men should be dead; and the reason he died for all was so that living men should live no longer for themselves, but for him who died and was raised to life for them.

From now onwards, therefore, we do not judge anyone by the standards of the flesh. Even if we did once know Christ in the flesh, that is not how we know him now. And for anyone who is in Christ, there is a new creation; the old creation has gone, and now the new one is here. It is all God’s work. It was God who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the work of handing on this reconciliation. In other words, God in Christ was reconciling the world to himself, not holding men’s faults against them, and he has entrusted to us the news that they are reconciled. So we are ambassadors for Christ; it is as though God were appealing through us, and the appeal that we make in Christ’s name is: be reconciled to God. For our sake God made the sinless one into sin, so that in him we might become the goodness of God.


Matthew 5:33-37

Jesus said to his disciples: ‘You have learnt how it was said to our ancestors: You must not break your oath, but must fulfil your oaths to the Lord. But I say this to you: do not swear at all, either by heaven, since that is God’s throne; or by the earth, since that is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, since that is the city of the great king. Do not swear by your own head either, since you cannot turn a single hair white or black. All you need say is “Yes” if you mean yes, “No” if you mean no; anything more than this comes from the evil one.’


“Yes” if you mean yes, “No” if you mean no

I hate it when people lie to me. I hate it more when they said, “Yes” to me but in the end it is a “No.” I hate it because of the disappointments for those unmet expectations. Why can’t they just say “No” in the first place? Of course, I would understand if there was a real valid reason why they couldn’t fulfil their promise.

I remember one time when I was still in college. We had this group paper in class and we need to work together. We agreed on the date and time. We were four in the group and we were only three during the meeting. The fourth member did not show up nor even bother to inform us that he wouldn’t be coming. When we asked him why he was a no-show, he just ignored us and didn’t give any explanation. I felt betrayed because we had to cover his part and we still put his name on our paper. Personal enlightenment: Any school project must have a maximum number of three members only.

I know it is just a petty thing for some. But for me a little lie is still a lie. Who knows, that little lie can turn to bigger lies. How much more if people are used to lying? There can come a time that they can no longer identify what is true or false. What if they run for office? I personally do not want liars to manage our government. What will become of us? From where I came from, we elect officials based on their background information and their plans for the people. We feel bad if those elected officials just talked and didn’t do anything. We place our trust in them, believing everything they have promised.

How much more if we betrayed our Heavenly Father? I know we have our promises to Him that we will do this, do that, and much more. But what if we cannot fulfil those promises? Can you remember any broken promises made to Him? There are tiny voices in my head saying, “No, I always keep my promises to God…” Personally, I made a promise to God to attend daily mass  and I try to keep it. However, there were times when I could not fulfil my promise due to work. And sometimes, even though I am physically inside the church, my mind is wandering somewhere else. Others may not know it, but the Lord and I both know that it is a broken promise on my part.

Next time, think first before promising anything when you say “Yes” or a “No”. We must always keep our promises because our Lord keeps His.

(Today’s Oxygen by Beryl Baterina)

Prayer: Father God, please grant me honesty so that I can only speak the truth and to not break my promises to others. Amen.

Thanksgiving: Heavenly Father, thank You for giving us wisdom to be very careful with the words that we say to others. Amen.