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Dear visitor,

Our advertisements come from an external source and, as such, we do not have complete control over what is advertised. It has come to our attention that sometimes, anti-Catholic advertisements are displayed. If you see an advertisement that goes against Catholic values or is anti-Catholic, please report it to us.

Please let us know:

1. The contents of the advertisement

2. The URL or website that the link directs you to

Thanks and God bless,
The OXYGEN team

6 thoughts on “Report ad

  1. Hi Oxygen Team,

    please re-look the website as
    as quoted,

    “The church has always welcomed all qualified women and gay men to the priesthood and joyfully celebrates sacramental marriage with loving couples of any gender”

    “Father Tim Mansfield, our rector, is an openly gay man who lives with his partner Anthony. He has been profiled in the Sydney Star Observer. Our parish community is small but diverse, open-hearted, open-minded, non-judgemental and welcoming.”

    wouldn’t very much agree with our Catholic teachings..please review. Thanks.

  2. Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for highlighting this website to us. We’re sorry that we allowed this to slip through our filter. We will now bar all ads from this website.

    Please let us know if you see any other websites that promote values contrary to our Catholic faith.

    Thanks and God bless,

  3. Hi Oxygen Team,

    Please re-look at this website

    This website is about some online game by the name of ‘Wartune’. It seems like a very popular game. But based on the image of the lady or a game character portrayed, this game can be distracting to us Catholics as we try to reflect on the Word of God as we may end up playing… The main website seem better but I really hope this idea or game can be removed totally as I believe it may contradict with our Catholic teachings.

    and also for the same reasons as stated above

    Thank you and God Bless

  4. Hi Anastasia,

    Thanks for reporting this ad. We have blocked them from appearing. Do let us know if there are more.

    on behalf of the OXYGEN team

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