The reason you can receive your daily supply of OXYGEN is thanks to a team of dedicated individuals who work together to bring you this service.

If you feel the Holy Spirit moving within you, stirring you to action, and you feel a special calling to serve the Lord through this Scripture-based ministry, here are some of the ways you can contribute in this ministry.


  • Writes reflections in weekly batches, usually 1 week of reflections per 3-4 weeks depending on number of writers.
  • Writes reflections of feast days, usually 1-2 per batch
  • Include title, prayer and thanksgiving for each reflection.
  • Commitment level: submits reflections to Coordinator on time


  • Coordinates which writers write which weeks’ reflections and feast days reflections
  • Ensures writers submit reflections on time, and sends them regular reminders
  • Updates all ministry members with weekly progress reports
  • Compiles submitted reflections and ensures writers have used the correct readings for reflections.
  • Sends compiled reflections to Editor


  • Edits the reflections for formatting (follow the standard), style, grammar, and Catholic orthodoxy
  • Ensures that italicized line conforms to the version used in the Roman Missal (Jerusalem Bible translation)
  • Ensures all reflections contain all the required sections: date according to liturgical calendar / title / correct reading references / prayer / thanksgiving
  • Sends edited compilation of reflections to Website Administrator.

Website Administrator:

  • Manages OXYGEN website.
  • Moderates comments and alerts writers by email when their reflections receive comments from readers.
  • Prepares daily reflections according to the Ordo at least 2 days in advance, scheduling them to be published on the actual day at 1.00am.
  • Format of each reflection
    • Date
    • Write-ups for days of memorial or special days (if applicable)
    • Announcements (if any)
    • Readings taken from Roman Missal
    • Reflections from compilation sent by Editor
    • Upcoming Readings from Ordo

Mailing List Administrator:

  • No longer needed. This role has been fully automated.

Core Team Coordinator:

  • Organizes the bimonthly days of recollection & meetings, and reminds core team members to attend.
  • Helps find replacements for those temporarily unavailable to perform core team duties.
  • Organizes social gatherings for core team and writers (1-2 times a year)


  • Welcomes and mentors new contributors in mentoring programme.
  • Develops and maintains ongoing formation programme for existing contributors
  • Maintains recognition programme for contributors

Most new volunteers are first assigned the role of contributor. If you would like to contribute to this ministry, click here to send us an email and we will get in touch with you.


4 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. Hi. when I searched for this page, a worrying title came up on search engine for the entry leading to this site: it said “Daily scriptural reflections for the discerning catholic”.

    This ‘discerning catholic’ implies that there are catholics who are ‘discerning’, and those who aren’t (whatever that means). This slant may serve as a deterrent to ‘alert’ (or, if u prefer, ‘discerning’) individuals who may be turned off by this suggestion, might I even say ‘accusation’, that one may indeed need to be ‘discerning’ to be a model -by your definition- catholic.

    this insinuation is unacceptable, and I am somewhat offended by this attempt to influence my more nuanced position: that faith without reason is blind, although not everything in faith can in fact be rationalized.

  2. Hi Ranneth,

    Thanks for your feedback. That honestly didn’t come to mind as I prepared that tagline.

    What I had in mind were Catholics who were discerning the will of God in their lives, and those who were yearning to listen God’s Spirit speaking through His Word.

    I am sorry you feel offended by this tagline. I assure you, it was not my intention to offend anyone. Please accept my apologies.


  3. Dear Jean Cheng, I love this line “Most importantly, God blessed me with quiet trust that He is with me in all areas of my life, and this includes my research study. As such, while I take 100% responsibility for the development of my research study, He will take 100% responsibility for helping me.”
    Working for my research area of phenomenological & existential psychology I can only say that it has been a great expierience for me. New ideas appeared in my writing as a result of using an interdisciplinary approach to a scholarly essay. I wish you best in your work and your writing.

  4. Thanks very much for sharing with me how God is present in your research, Darius. It is very encouraging for me and I will remember it during difficult times. =)

    God bless,

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