Judge a book by its cover

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Befriending Jesus is a book that can certainly be judged by its cover.

On 27 April 2008, just days after my second book was published, CANA – The Catholic Centre took 100 copies off my hands and placed them near the counter. It just so happened that Singapore Archbishop Nicholas Chia was there that evening, and the cover of the book caught his attention. He picked it a copy of it and thumbed through it, asking the question that everyone who’s seen the book asks, “Who’s Clare Tan?”

It just so happened (as well) that Clare Tan, the illustrator of Befriending Jesus was there that evening, and a CANA volunteer brought her to meet His Grace. Complimenting her on her creativity and skill, Archbishop Chia proceeded to give her a friendly slap on the cheek, the kind that he gives to all who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation from him. It left Clare bewildered, but pleased nonetheless, to have her work complimented by the Archbishop.