Bestselling Befriending Jesus… in Mandarin?

2:40 am Befriending Jesus

I met with a couple of Stella’s friends on Thursday evening. They are Methodists and having read my new book Befriending Jesus “cover to cover twice”, as one of them put it, they prayed about it and decided that God was calling them to translate the book to Mandarin!

Now this is truly ironical, especially if you know my history with the language. But, God does have a sense of humour, so I would put it past Him to do this. I wonder what my JC Mandarin teacher would say if he received a copy of a book written by me in Mandarin… Incidentally, for those of you who don’t know, I took ‘AO’ Level Mandarin three times. My scores: F9, F9, E8.

What I am also grateful for is the opportunity to share my book with other Christians… in other countries. Will see how it goes…

In other related news, it’s been 47 days since the book has been published, and I’ve sold about 450 books already. An acquaintance of mine, Raymond Anthony Fernando, author of Loving A Schizophrenic, tells me that this makes it a bestseller already. That makes it about 10 books a day, which is not too bad, actually. I’m looking forward to my first booth sale which will take place at Church of Sts. Peter and Paul on Jun 26 evening, Jun 28 evening and midnight Masses, and Jun 29 morning and evening Masses.

Anyone wants to help me out at the booth?

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