A recent case in Poland drew much attention to abortion rights groups. 36-year-old Alicja Tysiac was pregnant and was told by doctors that if she went through with the pregnancy, she would go blind. She wanted to seek an abortion but Poland’s strict laws on abortion prevented her from doing so. Poland only allows abortion in cases of rape or incese, or if giving birth was a direct threat to the mother’s life.

As a result, the woman had to go through with the birth, and became blind. Now the European Court of Human Rights has ordered Poland to pay 25,000 euros in compensation and 14,000 euros in costs for ignoring the woman’s “right to have an abortion” as a neglect of human rights.

Reuters presents the pro-abortion (anti-life) perspective of the case here, while LifeSite presents the pro-life, pro-choice perspective of it here.

What I’m wondering why no one charges the countries that sanction abortion as ignoring the basic human right to life of the millions of unborn whose lives have been snuffed out through abortion. How can any pro-abortion group call itself “pro-choice” when it does not give the unborn human a chance to make a choice as to whether it wants to live or die?

Only Catholics who are pro-life can truly be called pro-choice, because they give all persons involved, and that includes the unborn human, a chance to make a choice.

Giving people the right to abort is the same as giving them the right to kill, the right to murder. No wonder Europe becoming more and more immoral. And no wonder Singapore is facing the same problem.

So many problems of Singaporeans can be solved if we ban abortion and contraceptives. The declining population wouldn’t be a problem. People would start valuing life again, and appreciating the elderly. Singaporeans would be a more morally upright country, with more compassion for life. The rate at which AIDS and other STDs spreading would drop. Families would be bigger. There would be fewer cases of adultery and divorce, fewer cases of pre-marital sex.

You might think that’s far-fetched. How can legalizing abortion and contraceptives cause so many problems? Well, you’re talking about sex and sex is intrinsically connected with human life. When you treat sex as something casual and reduce it to mere pleasure and convenience, you do the same to life.

When it is convenient for a mother to have an abortion just so that she can lead a more pleasant life, it becomes the same when the life concerned is her parent. When it becomes convenient to be selfish, we become selfish. We start thinking and living only for ourselves. We disregard morals for what is convenient for ourselves.

We see Tysiac’s real motive for her lawsuit:

Tysiac later revealed the broader political motive for her suit at a news conference in Warsaw where she said that abortion should be a woman’s choice.

“Every woman should decide herself whether she wants to have the baby or not and the government should not mix into that at all,” Tysiac said.

Her suit claimed the existence of a “right to abortion,” saying that Poland lacked a “procedural and regulatory framework…to enable a pregnant woman to assert her right to a therapeutic abortion, thus rendering that right ineffective.”

To which Ewa Kowalewska, President of the Forum of Polish Women responded:

“We ask the European Court of Human Rights who is going to assert the rights of the child of Alicja Tysiac, who survived only thanks to the honesty of Polish physicians?”

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