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17 January, Tuesday – An Honest God

17 January 2017


Hebrews 6:10-20

God would not be so unjust as to forget all you have done, the love that you have for his name or the services you have done, and are still doing, for the saints. Our one desire is that every one of you should go on showing the same earnestness to the end, to the perfect fulfilment of our hopes, never growing careless, but imitating those who have the faith and the perseverance to inherit the promises.

When God made the promise to Abraham, he swore by his own self, since it was impossible for him to swear by anyone greater: I will shower blessings on you and give you many descendants. Because of that, Abraham persevered and saw the promise fulfilled. Men, of course, swear an oath by something greater than themselves, and between men, confirmation by an oath puts an end to all dispute. In the same way, when God wanted to make the heirs to the promise thoroughly realise that his purpose was unalterable, he conveyed this by an oath; so that there would be two unalterable things in which it was impossible for God to be lying, and so that we, now we have found safety, should have a strong encouragement to take a firm grip on the hope that is held out to us.

Here we have an anchor for our soul, as sure as it is firm, and reaching right through beyond the veil where Jesus has entered before us and on our behalf, to become a high priest of the order of Melchizedek, and for ever.


Mark 2:23-28

One sabbath day Jesus happened to be taking a walk through the cornfields, and his disciples began to pick ears of corn as they went along. And the Pharisees said to him, ‘Look, why are they doing something on the sabbath day that is forbidden?’ And he replied, ‘Did you never read what David did in his time of need when he and his followers were hungry – how he went into the house of God when Abiathar was high priest, and ate the loaves of offering which only the priests are allowed to eat, and how he also gave some to the men with him?’

And he said to them, ‘The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath; the Son of Man is master even of the sabbath.’


It was impossible for God to be lying

Sometimes I believe we take the way the world works and transfer it to our relationship with God. We enter into an agreement with God with terms favourable on our side. We seek to adopt a contractual approach towards our relationship with God without any concern for the other party. When we do not get what we want, we become angry and upset with God.

God loves us and He does not lie about it. It is more often than not our side of the bargain which we do not fulfil. God has loved us unconditionally and hence we need to reciprocate and also offer our unconditional love for the other. It may appear to be difficult but it is necessary because only a total surrender to God’s love will enable us to discover what it means to become a true child of God.

The Pharisees adopted a legalistic approach towards obeying the Law but Jesus asked that we adopt a more holistic approach towards our love for God and to share with others the same spirit of charity and love which He has shown us on the Cross.

(Today’s Oxygen by Nicholas Chia)

Prayer Dear God, we pray for total submission to your will.

ThanksgivingWe give thanks for your love.