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7 February, Friday – Source of Success

7 February


Ecc 47:2-13

As the fat is set apart from the communion sacrifice,
so David was chosen out of all the sons of Israel.
He played with lions as though with kids,
and with bears as though with lambs of the flock.
While still a boy, did he not slay the giant,
and relieve the people of their shame,
by putting out a hand to sling a stone
 which brought down the arrogance of Goliath?
For he called on the Lord Most High,
who gave strength to his right arm
to put a mighty warrior to death,
and lift up the horn of his people.
Hence they gave him credit for ten thousand,
and praised him while they blessed the Lord,
by offering him a crown of glory;
 for he massacred enemies on every side,
he annihilated his foes the Philistines,
and crushed their horn to this very day.
In all his activities he gave thanks
to the Holy One, the Most High, in words of glory;
he put all his heart into his songs
out of love for his Maker.
He placed harps before the altar
to make the singing sweeter with their music;
he gave the feasts their splendour,
the festivals their solemn pomp,
causing the Lord’s holy name to be praised
and the sanctuary to resound from dawn.
The Lord took away his sins,
 and exalted his horn for ever;
he gave him a royal covenant,
 and a glorious throne in Israel.
Mark 6:14-29
King Herod had heard about Jesus, since by now his name was well known. Some were saying, ‘John the Baptist has risen from the dead, and that is why miraculous powers are at work in him.’ Others said, ‘He is Elijah’; others again, ‘He is a prophet, like the prophets we used to have.’ But when Herod heard this he said, ‘It is John whose head I cut off; he has risen from the dead.’
Now it was this same Herod who had sent to have John arrested, and had him chained up in prison because of Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife whom he had married. For John had told Herod, ‘It is against the law for you to have your brother’s wife.’ As for Herodias, she was furious with him and wanted to kill him; but she was not able to, because Herod was afraid of John, knowing him to be a good and holy man, and gave him his protection. When he had heard him speak he was greatly perplexed, and yet he liked to listen to him.
An opportunity came on Herod’s birthday when he gave a banquet for the nobles of his court, for his army officers and for the leading figures in Galilee. When the daughter of this same Herodias came in and danced, she delighted Herod and his guests; so the king said to the girl, ‘Ask me anything you like and I will give it you.’ And he swore her an oath, ‘I will give you anything you ask, even half my kingdom.’ She went out and said to her mother, ‘What shall I ask for?’ She replied, ‘The head of John the Baptist.’ The girl hurried straight back to the king and made her request, ‘I want you to give me John the Baptist’s head, here and now, on a dish.’ The king was deeply distressed but, thinking of the oaths he had sworn and of his guests, he was reluctant to break his word to her. So the king at once sent one of the bodyguard with orders to bring John’s head. The man went off and beheaded him in prison; then he brought the head on a dish and gave it to the girl, and the girl gave it to her mother. When John’s disciples heard about this, they came and took his body and laid it in a tomb.

For he called on the Lord Most High, who gave strength to his right arm to put a mighty warrior to death.

How aware are we of God’s contribution to the successes we have achieved in our lives?

I must admit that at times, I forget. Or I don’t think about it often enough, that it equals not even acknowledging that every thing I have achieved in my life was only possible because God made it so. Of course, I have put in all the work, but it still amazes me how it slips out of my awareness that I was only successful ultimately because of God. In the end, there is really not a lot I can control.

I think that’s why God made it sure that in pivotal moments of my life I knew it was Him. I had to literally pray my way to success. This makes it easier for me to be aware that His hand was orchestrating everything. Yet, even with these, I still forget sometimes. So what more for all those ‘little’ success miracles that God is making in our lives? It just flies by the radar.

So more than reading about something, perhaps we should take this time to spend ten minutes to talk to God about the successes He has orchestrated in our lives. Let’s list down all we can think of. Let’s list down the big, and the small ones. Let’s look back and ask the Holy Spirit to surprise us and point to us where God was in those moments of our lives.

I would like to share with you a quote which has helped me a lot in becoming aware of God’s hand in my success (dual meaning intended) — “Those who leave everything in God’s hand will eventually see God’s hand in everything.”

Everything, from our tiniest successes to our milestone moments happens because of God.

I would like to invite you to reflect on how much faith do we really put in our prayers for the success of our endeavors? Or maybe even before that, for us to reflect on what it means to have faith in this area? Or even be clear about what constitutes success because many times (and I am very much guilty of this as well), we define success as if we got what we prayed for. So when we say we have faith that things will be successful when we pray, are we really saying that the success will be when we get what we prayed for?

Maybe if we rethink success as that which God wanted to happen, then maybe our faith will take on a different dimension.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Stephanie Villa)

Prayer: Dearest Lord God, without you, there is nothing I can do. Without you, I am completely helpless. Please help me be aware of my need for you and that whatever I do, I need to have faith that it will succeed.

Thanksgiving: Thank you, Lord, for being so generous to me.