Austin Leong

Austin is named after his dad’s car as his dad knew he was going to sell the car upon Austin’s birth. He is a man whom people say can be over-reflective and fickle-minded (particularly since he is a Gemini). Some have also said that he is going through an early mid-life crisis, which he does not consider to be a totally bad thing.

An ethnic Chinese from Singapore, Austin is 1/8 Hainanese and 7/8 Cantonese although he wonders where his Hainan flare has gone to. He has a degree in Accountancy, having worked in that profession for five years. Recently, Austin made a career switch to culinary and is currently building up his small steps to his personal goal.

Austin joined OXYGEN after a trial contribution during Christmas in 2008, having found that this was a ministry where he was able to share his faith with others. Constantly struggling to please God and live up to the role of a model Christian, Austin joined OXYGEN upon his friend and fellow-writer, Jean’s, recommendation.

Here, Austin found that OXYGEN provided a platform for him to articulate those difficulties and joys, in order to enable others to find out that they are not alone. In doing so, Austin hopes that OXYGEN can literally be a breath of fresh air to others. Having written for OXYGEN for a few years now, Austin has found that he has grown in faith, knowledge, discipline in writing and scripture reading, and also learnt when he needs to take breaks in life while always returning to God and keeping God in sight.

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