Beryl Baterina

My name is Beryl.  I was born, raised, and currently living in the Philippines.  I enjoy staying at home when not doing groceries or going to work. I work as a researcher for a housing organization.  I can say that I am grateful and enjoying it.  For me, there is no perfect job.  But a job that suits me. 🙂

I started reading OXYGEN on the 2nd week of February 2016.  I stumbled upon OXYGEN while googling about Catholic reflections and OXYGEN was one of the search hits.  It was at the bottom of the list but somehow my mouse cursor clicked it first. While reading some reflections, I was amazed that I can relate to them.  There was this feeling of “connection”.  As I was browsing the website, I was enticed by the “Volunteer” tab.  I stared at the screen, left it open for a few hours.  I was hesitant to send an email but I still did.  I feel that contributing to OXYGEN will enable me to meditate on God’s Word, to be open, and to help me realize how God wants me to be. I also believe that one way to grow in my faith is to share it with others.

(Updated March 2016)