Cassandra Cheong

Cassandra is the only child brought up in a single parent family. Her family circumstance has impacted her faith deeply, as she found that God has always been her closest friend, given her perceived anti-social tendencies as a child.

Cassandra fondly remembers her first encounter with God when she attended the Life in the Spirit Seminar (LISS) at the age of 12. Since then, life has been a tussle for Cassandra as she learns what it means to remain true to His calling.

Born and based in Singapore, Cassandra is currently teaching at an enrichment centre, while taking a hiatus from the legal industry. She first read OXYGEN in 2011 and accepted Daniel’s invite to write for OXYGEN as she enjoys writing and reflecting on God’s word.

Here’s what Cassandra has to say about writing for OXYGEN:

“Writing for OXYGEN has made me more reflective and conscious of God’s presence in my life. It has also opened my eyes to realise that I am not alone in my struggles or in my walk with God. Honestly, it is amazing sometimes when a fellow writer’s reflection hits me and I know that God is using him or her to speak to me 🙂 ”

2 thoughts on “Cassandra Cheong

  1. A beautiful and meaningful writing. Thank you for sharing part of yourself. I can appreciate and relate. God bless you and the mission He has given you on this earth.



  2. Dear Anthony,

    Thank you for your kind affirmation. I pray God may continue to use us as his instruments. Thank you for the encouragement 🙂 God bless!



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