Daniel Tay

Daniel is married to Stella. They have no kids, but two cats. Daniel has completed a B. Sc. in Chemistry and has authored two books – a fantasy novel and a booklet on knowing Jesus as a friend. Having had five years of experience as a journalist for a Catholic publication, Daniel is a self-confessed writer at heart and a problem-solver.

Daniel has always lived in Singapore and loves this country. He studied in Cedar Primary School, Beatly Secondary School, Anderson Junior College and the National University of Singapore.

Presently working as a financial planner, Daniel helps busy people to stop, think ahead, and to decide on their financial goals. He also helps people to find out where they want to go and then assists in setting them on a path that helps them to get there.

The creator of OXYGEN, Daniel started this ministry in 2001 as he wanted to share his spiritual journey with his friends. Over the years, more friends (and readers), came on board to share their journeys with others. Daniel considers OXYGEN to be his only constant in his spiritual journey of ups and downs.

Here’s what Daniel has to say about Oxygen:

“OXYGEN has taught me that I don’t need to do everything alone, and to delegate to others everything that can be done by another person. It has taught me that the word of God is a constant and that God truly speaks to us through it. No matter how my faith is, OXYGEN is my staple because it is how God speaks to me and through me.”

5 thoughts on “Daniel Tay

  1. I found you site by chance about 6 months ago. It is part of my daily reading. I thoroughly enjoy the different authors’ insights into Scripture. I pray that our Lord may continue to bless and strengthen you in this mission.



  2. Thank you Anthony. It’s always nice to hear from our readers. Feel free to write to any of our contributors.


  3. Thank you so much for putting this out there for us to reflect and think on. It is good to know that there are other real people out there in the world that have the same thoughts and struggles and that doesn’t necessarily mean we lack faith or love for God, just that we are trying to find our way and build relationship with Him. So many things in the world to pull us away from our faith it good to have the constant of pull to our faith. Thank you!!

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