Debbie Loo

Debbie is a woman who always knew her Belovedness, but frequently straddled the border between receiving her identity and giving up what she thought she could gain on earth. In the recent tussle, God won her over with his relentless pursuit.

She comes from a small family in Singapore. She works in architecture, enjoys writing, and sitting in a good spot of sun to read – coffee within reach. In 2010, she started reading OXYGEN through her good friend Jean (also a contributor) and toyed with the idea.

Finally in taking this baby-step to write in the beginning of 2012, she hopes to discipline herself in the new habit of meditating and contemplating on His Word, and in doing so, nurture her relationship with Jesus Christ, as her Saviour, friend, and confidante.

10 thoughts on “Debbie Loo

  1. I thank our Lord for today’s writing that you published. I have been going through difficult times which has caused me to have a weakened faith. Your writing has again helped me to understand that everything is in His hands. God bless you.



  2. Thank you Anthony! I am blessed by your words. God definitely looks out for you in the midst of all you are going through, the Holy Spirit is working through these simple writings to touch you. May you rest in His Perfect Peace.

  3. Hi Debby,
    I just want to say it’s a very well written reflection for today’s (13th Dec) gospel readings especially in this advent season. Really shoots me in the heart and it’s worth reading it over and over again, thank you 🙂 May you and fellow Oxygen writers keep growing in Him. God bless you and this ministry.

  4. Debbie,

    Your posting today, 13 Dec, is beautiful, touching and awakening. I remember when I returned from the Vietnam war and became active with Billy Graham movement. God’s word is everlasting in any generation. May God continue to bless the work you and the Oxygen family are doing. I truly enjoy reading it everyday.



  5. Thank you dear Analia, thank you for your affirmation. I too had an awakening moment reflecting on my faith journey. May God bless you too!

  6. Hi Anthony, may our Lord shine His everlasting love on you. Thank you for joining our Oxygen family on our daily journeys and growth. God bless!

  7. Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for your reflections past few days..your sharing comforted I read them..I thank Our Lord for your honesty..I really felt like you have written my struggles in words. Thank you for sharing the great gift that you are given.

  8. Thank you Pauline, your kind words are so much appreciated and I thank God for the lessons I learnt which are wonderfully multiplied and shared through Oxygen!

  9. Dear Debbie,

    Your reflection today (Oct 10) was so beautifully put on what is enough for us – the love of Jesus. Also it resonated well with me on friendships and realised something profound on approval, indeed I am consciously moving away for the need for the approval of others.

    I have read many of your reflections in the past well on Oxygen and wanted to let you know, they are not only immaculately articulated in words but are Spirit led. Your reflections usually capture the essence of the word and also the relational aspects to it. I thank the Lord for you and I am blessed to serve with you in this ministry.

  10. Thank you Josephine for your encouragement. It is strange that I should only see this almost a month later. But not too late, for today, re-reading what I wrote, this reflection reminded me again of my lesson and Jesus’ love. So happy to serve with you in this ministry too 🙂

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