Desmond Soon

Desmond was born and raised a Catholic together with his two younger siblings but only made the connection with God after attending a Conversion Experience Retreat in May 2011 at the Catholic Spirituality Centre (CSC). Since then, he has been active in the music ministry at the CSC, serving at their retreats when time permits. He has been receiving OXYGEN since 2007 and previously contributed a Christmas reflection in 2008.

A Chinese born in Australia (where his parents were doing their university studies), Desmond is now a director handling corporate communications for a government-funded institute of higher learning. He feels that things have come full circle for him, having been through the education system here since 1971 and ‘just getting by’ to graduate from the National University of Singapore. His previous career was in advertising where as a copywriter, he had to “convince people to succumb to pride, envy, lust and greed”. He spent some time in Shanghai in the mid-90s as a creative director and also lived in Dubai from 2007 to 2010 as a marketeer.

Desmond joined OXYGEN after doing two other retreats in 2012 and contemplating on God’s word while doing the Christmas reflections for Vigil Mass and Mass at Dawn. Since leaving the ad industry for a marketing career in the mid 2000s, Desmond has always wanted to ‘get back to writing’ actively and hopes that contributing to OXYGEN will further fuel his new-found passion and love for the Lord so that he can continue serving in true faith and love.

2 thoughts on “Desmond Soon

  1. Great share.

    Mind if I translated a small portion of this post on my French blog? I would give you all due credit for it – no question about it.

  2. Hi Aileen Uno, yes you may translate the post onto your website! Please do include a link to our original post so those who are interested may find us too. Thank you for your readership and God bless.

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