Edith Koh

Edith works in a ministry that is responsible for moulding the future of the nation. Much of her work involves thinking about the sciences, but she also greatly enjoys books, films and music. Edith is proud to be part of the original writers’ team when OXYGEN first started, and rejoined the team in 2009 after a hiatus of a few years. She is a parishioner of the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. When she is not writing Oxygen reflections, she keeps a blog about her faith journey.

Here’s what Edith says about writing for Oxygen:

“I have always loved writing, and find it to be the channel where I can express myself best and most freely. My reflections for OXYGEN have formed a sort of spiritual log for me, a record of my experiences and learning points encountered on this journey with the Lord. I get mixed feelings before I begin each set of reflections – fear that I cannot find sufficient inspiration to write a good piece, but also a sense of wonderment about where the Holy Spirit will lead me in the course of my writing.

“The mission of producing insightful reflections for readers is a powerful source of motivation for me to spend time reflecting on scripture. In the process, I am often contemplating and relooking at my relationship with God.

“Readers familiar with OXYGEN will find that we often draw upon our daily experiences for examples to illustrate the points we are trying to make. This has led to a habit of looking out for “OXYGEN-worthy” encounters in my daily life, and that has helped me to see elements of the spiritual even in seemingly secular events.

“I am thankful for this opportunity to strengthen my faith, and I hope that by sharing it, I can do my little part in encouraging readers on their spiritual journeys.”

One thought on “Edith Koh

  1. Edith,

    From your reading today, it appears obvious, that the Holy Spirit has guided you. I eageraly look forward to reading and inhaling Oxygen each day. May He continue to Bless you in your vocation.


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