Jean Cheng

Jean is a woman that God loves, sought out, and continues to seek. The youngest child in her family, Jean is completing her postgraduate degrees at the University of Melbourne. Living in Melbourne for the last eight years, she plans to return to Singapore at the completion of her degree.

She started writing for OXYGEN in 2007 upon Daniel‘s request for new writers. There were no motivational or romantic emotions influencing her decision to join. Her aunt simply asked her to join, she thought, “why not”, shot an email to OXYGEN team, and has since been attached to this ministry.

Here’s what Jean says about writing for OXYGEN:

“My involvement with OXYGEN began with me subscribing to receive daily OXYGEN reflections. Reading others’ reflections helped me to see how the bible could be applicable in today’s context. I decided to start writing for OXYGEN in 2007, when I saw a request for new writers to join the team.

“I wasn’t too sure what to expect but thought it may be good as it would force me to read the bible, for starters. Also, since I have always enjoyed writing, I was curious about how God may reveal Himself to me through this avenue. And He has – more than I could ever anticipate.

“By writing for OXYGEN, I have grown to know who God is through His Word. I have read so much more about His love, His faithfulness, His promises, His generosity, His power and this has helped me during the dark times of my life, to remember who God is and how He never fails. It has also helped me to better understand my humanity and its shortcomings and to learn that it is okay because even the great St. Peter and St. Paul were imperfect and continued to do great things for God.

By writing, I have also been challenged to apply the word in my life, rather than to read it as a story-book. I think this is key to helping me remember that my God is not just a God of 2,000 years ago, He is also a living God of today and tomorrow.

“Many times, I have found it difficult to write because of my fears. But each time I have prayed and trusted the Lord, the Holy Spirit shows me how He is alive and using me. So many times I have been surprised to read what I’ve written because I’d never even considered certain things, let alone intend to write them!

“Yet, wisdom and fresh perspectives are poured out in the course of writing, leaving me in awe of how real and present the Holy Spirit is. This is probably the main reason I have stayed in this ministry for so long, even though I have been tempted to leave as it requires commitment. Nevertheless, God always provides and He more than makes up for the time I take to write each reflection.

“I am truly grateful that through this ministry, God shows me that He can use my ordinary life to reach out to His children. My struggles are not pointless but have a meaning and can bear fruits. It has helped me to embrace my struggles and brokenness as part of my life and to see the value behind them, rather than wanting to suppress or eradicate them immediately.

“This ministry has really challenged me to grow as a human being and to help me better understand the meaning of life, and the meaning of my life.”

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