Josephine Dionisappu

Josephine Dionisappu is a PR professional who spends many hours at work. A cradle Catholic, she hails from a family of 2 priestly uncles and parents who continue to serve in their community. At her parish, Josie now serves young people in Sunday School, Alpha, in youth activities and is a lector at Sunday masses.

An ardent traveller, she makes it point to attend mass during her travels to Italy, the UK, Koh Samui (found an adorable chapel there), Jakarta, Shanghai, Xian, Vellankani and Thiruchi in India and a joined a pilgrimage with 13 other parishioners to Catanduva and Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana even to attend World Youth Day 2013.

The Blessed Sacrament, St Anthony and Our Mother are close to her heart and, she continues to pray for her friends and family.

She was introduced to the Oxygen by Fiona Biggs and is called to share her testimony.

3 thoughts on “Josephine Dionisappu

  1. Your writings this week have been very inspirational. The Holy Spirit has certainly Blessed you and I pray He will continue. Your words have been a source of strength for me.



  2. Dear Anthony,

    On behalf of our OXYGEN team, I would like to invite you to write a reflection with us. We are blessed with your faithful readership and I believe that perhaps the Holy Spirit might stir within you a desire to share your reflections on faith.

    Do pray about it and let me know what you think. We can start with one, and see how you feel about this. After all, our team of writers all started with a ‘try’, and by God’s grace, we have grown deeper in our faith life.

    Look forward to your reply (and we can take this up via email).

    God bless,

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