Lorraine Wong

Lorraine grew up in a Taoist family but attended a convent school, which imprinted upon her a lasting impression of the Catholic faith. She was curious about the faith, and was even a little envious of her classmates as they attended weekly masses.  The longing for the Lord began then….

Fast forward to 1994, when she got baptised after completing her studies in Melbourne, Australia. The years studying overseas and living on her own gave her the opportunity to turn to the Lord for solace, guidance and protection. Her relationship with God deepened and she fulfilled her promise by receiving Christ when she returned home from her studies.

Because she was the only Catholic in her family and a convert, she never truly felt a sense of belonging. However, that changed when she attended the Conversion Experience Retreat in 2016 at the gentle insistence of her husband, Paul. This transformed the relationship she had with God, her Abba Father and she found a real purpose in life, – “to be a better version of herself and help others be a better version of themselves”.

Since then, she has left her corporate HR career of 25 years, and is now a certified executive coach, continuing to work on her own personal transformation while at the same time responding to God’s calling of helping others be the best version of themselves as God intended. In 2018, she attended the Inner Healing Retreat and was moved deeply yet again by the Father’s love and felt the prompting to share her spiritual journey with others through writing for Oxygen.