Patricia Ang

Patricia, or Pat, is a woman who believes in living life to the fullest. A fun and bubbly person, she believes in spending time with God, her family and friends. She also loves being with nature, writing, photography, and travelling. Pat is in corporate communications where she writes, handles public relations, and events. With a Masters in Mass Communication, Pat believes in lifelong learning.

A regular parishioner of the Blessed Sacrament Church, Pat has been writing in church ministry for the past seven years. This year, she has also taken over as the chief editor of Spotlight (a Blessed Sacrament Church publication). Pat’s journey into writing for OXYGEN began as a regular reader for a year where she felt touched and inspired by the writers’ reflections. She joined the ministry in 2007 when she felt a calling to write, share and reflect on the word of God.

Here is what Pat has to says about writing for Oxygen:

“I am humbled by God’s grace and patience as I have seen how He has guided me through all my reflections. In every reflection, I pray for the grace to be used as an instrument for God’s glory and upon writing, I then witness how God has been with me through the ups and downs of my life. Writing for OXYGEN and sharing these reflections with you as well as my friends have allowed me to be open to God’s word and to share His word with others.” 

2 thoughts on “Patricia Ang

  1. Hi Pat,

    I know Edith… came across your writeup here and I think there’s so much we can learn from you. At OLPS, we are planning a new “communications ministry”.

    By somehow, I’ve been roped into this ministry and am slowly going to spend more time on this – was previously in youth ministry.

    We have a webmaster who has set up a website for us at… just 2 months ago. We are now having to think of ways to inspire writers and recruit more to keep new contents coming in. Just did a recruitment and it’s not easy to meetup with the interested parties so it’s been taking some time to get going.

    Would like to see if there’s anyway we can invite you one day to share your experiences with the team to inspire them? Of course, this is only if i can form a team.. haha! Still in the process.

    Do let me know if you do such things? Else, I do email alot and it could be fine as well to share tips through writing haha… or facebook chat!

    Samantha Chan
    mobile: 96427868

  2. Hi Pat

    A friend forwarded a sharing you wrote titled “The Inner Voice” and I’m wondering if I could publish it on our Church’s bulletin for next weekend. I’m from the Church of Divine Mercy. It’s such a simple yet beautiful sharing and so apt for the coming Lent season. You can contact me at We can keep it anonymous if you prefer. Many thanks and God bless.

    Tricia Kat

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