Rebecca Grace

The name is Rebecca and I am a born and bred city girl from Kuala Lumpur who was sent away (yes, unwillingly) to Penang to pursue my degree in biotechnology. There, I learnt how to grow up, become independent and, at the exact same time, become more dependent on God. I loved learning biotechnology but my calling seemed to have been in journalism and this is where I’ve been for the past two years.

OXYGEN became a daily affair when a work contact Josephine Dionisappu told me they were looking for contributors for the Christmas season. Her timing couldn’t be more perfect as I had broken my leg on an assignment and was stuck at home for at least six weeks with nothing to do besides watch the rest of the family get ready for Christmas, and boring satellite TV. My first thought about writing the reflections was “Why not? This could be push me to get in touch with God through the Bible and not just solely on prayer. This could be my chance to actually hear Him and not my own voice.” Kind of like reading a text message in a rock concert. The noise distraction is there but if you focus on the lit-up screen, the words will sink in.

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to OXYGEN.