Serene Frances Wong

Serene (also previously known as Serene Goh), who was baptised in 2008, was first touched by the Lord in 2005 while studying Development Studies in Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Serene wrote for OXYGEN for a year in 2013. She stopped for 2 years to participate in a young adults community at Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, before coming back to OXYGEN on an ad-hoc basis in 2016. During her time away, she got married to a wonderful man who while isn’t Catholic, respects her faith and shows interest in learning more. Reading and sharing her reflections via OXYGEN is a way for her to keep the Word of God close to her, gently nurturing her faith in the everyday life. She hopes that her reflections, as well as the writings of other contributors, will keep Catholicism accessible and friendly to all. She is especially interested in the topics of love, family and relationships, as well as social advocacy and mental illnesses.

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