Sharon Soo

Sharon was born in Malaysia but settled in Hong Kong, seven years ago. Working in finance, Sharon started reading OXYGEN in 2008 during the global financial crisis. That year was traumatic as she lived in constant fear – for her job, for our uncertain future, for herself and her family.

The reflections from OXYGEN that she read back then kept her hopeful when things were bleak. After the crisis ended, Sharon volunteered as a guest writer for one of the Easter installments and has since been a contributor for two years now.

Here’s what Sharon has to say about writing for OXYGEN:

“Writing for OXYGEN has made me less fearful, made me less angry and more accepting. It has opened me up and made me more honest. Writing for OXYGEN allowed me to take all my fear, my anger, my disappointments and all my negativity to God so He could turn them into something positive, something hopeful, something healing.

“Best of all, through OXYGEN, I have found a family of believers with whom I share similar goals… and I have been the richer for it.”

(Updated April 2012)

One thought on “Sharon Soo

  1. Sharon,

    Your message touched me. Last year my wife and I struggled with her having stage IV cancer. By God’s grace, it was cut out and chemotherapy is keeping it from returning. I prayed that “if it be His will be done”. …and it was. I am a nurse practitioner and know cancer can return anytime, if He allows. I am thankful for what we have now. I know God is in charge. May God bless you in you life’s journey.



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