Stephanie Villa

Stephanie is a cradle Catholic who spent the first 15 years of her life in the Philippines. When she was 13, she proclaimed herself as an ‘atheist’ when she was not able to find satisfactory answers to her questions on the Bible.

She came to Singapore when she was 16 to do her O-levels examination. During her Secondary Four year, her close friends joined a non-Catholic Christian Church. Even though she felt pressured to join them, she told God that she would not leave the Catholic Church without understanding what the Church is all about. She is forever grateful to the Holy Spirit for putting that desire in her heart.

Last year, during the feast of the Epiphany, Stephanie felt called to offer her gift of writing to God. Her initial response was to run a motivational blog She met Desmond at Conversion Experience Retreat #50 in January and, after reading several doses of OXYGEN and praying about it, she decided to join the ministry. She hopes to glorify God by witnessing through her writing.

(updated March 2016)