“A reminder of what the day holds”

I came across OXYGEN early 2010 through my classmate who writes for OXYGEN. What I find most helpful, are the daily readings. Since I can’t make it to Mass on some days, I would at least know the readings for the day. Unless it is a really hectic day, I try to read it daily, usually in the morning or later in the afternoon while taking a break from work.

What captures me most is the reminder of what the day holds, be it a feast day, a memorial of a saint. The sharing helps me understand what the daily reading means. I try to identify the writer’s sharing with my own experiences. So it helps me in my own reflection/contemplation as well as prayer and personal growth.

Ana Jeremiah, 39
School Services Associate


8 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Thank you for this website, I love reading the daily scripture and the reflections are so down to earth.

  2. Thank you for providing me a way to start each day. I look forward to your reflections. I try to share with many people so they too can be inspired and also reminded that all things are centered around our faith. I am third! Thank you and God Bless!

  3. THanks for the affirmation Jennifer. We hope to continue reaching out to others through our reflections. God bless

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