What is OXYGEN?

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

Whether you were referred here, or stumbled across this weblog, it is by no coincidence that you have arrived. This blog is the latest service to make the daily OXYGEN more accessible to Catholics everywhere.

OXYGEN is a daily scriptural devotion that was started in 2000 by Daniel Tay on the “Yahoogroups” platform. Yes, those were the days. It is sent via email to a list of Christian subscribers who are interested in reading the daily Word of God and applying it to their daily lives. This is not the only service available in our growing web of blogs, but it is one of the few that comes from a Singaporean or Asian context.

Today, we now have on our weekly roster a variety of people living in many parts of the globe and from different walks of life. Our writers are people who desire to grow closer to God through meditating and contemplating on the Scriptures and their various life experiences reveal the beautiful and manifold ways the Holy Spirit speaks to each of our lives through the Word of God. 

Many in our team have grown together with OXYGEN over the past decade – some have taken sabbaticals and returned, while some have discovered new pastures of ministry from their time with us. We are grateful for their sojourn with us. OXYGEN has indeed been integral in our faith journeys, and we hope you too will draw from this same breath of life in the Holy Spirit! 

God bless and keep you,
Debbie Loo

17 thoughts on “What is OXYGEN?

  1. Your blog’s new look is pretty cool, Dan. Some of the Google Ads look suspicious, though …

    I know that the one by mostholyfamilymonastery.com is quite seriously anti-Catholic, or rather, anti-Vatican.

  2. Thanks Kelvin, let me know if you come across any more. I think I can filter them off.


  3. Hi, Just wanna know, the readings on this page is adapted from which bible? Is this the same version that we use in Churches, in Singapore? Thanks in advance..

  4. HI Rina,

    For the most part, the readings are taken from the Jerusalem Bible, which is the same version that we use in most Catholic churches in Singapore. Occasionally, we have to take readings from the New American Bible, which a few Catholic churches use in place of the Jerusalem Bible version.


  5. Hi,
    Just to make you aware, one of the ‘ads by google’ on your website, is advertising a film called ‘the God who wasnt there’, and after investigating the link, it appears to be a new film (www.thegodmovie.com), attempting to disprove the existance of Jesus. I am aware you must rely heavily on funding from these ads, but I find this particular one, highly innapropriate and suggest you take steps to remove it. This is a really nice site, but its a shame that it is accidentely advertising Atheism or some such.

  6. Hi Felicity,

    Thank you for the alert. I have removed it from the ad list and it won’t appear again. It’s amazing that atheists can actually spend so much effort and funds to produce such a film. It’s almost as if it’s like a religion for them!


  7. I was looking for a daily catholic reflection site and stumbled upon this place. I’m also from singapore. I’m just curious who the contributors are. Is “Nicholas Chia” who posts these actually our archbishop? or just a catholic with the same namesake? :o) It’d be good if there is some background of the contributors, whatever profession they may be.

  8. Hi Karen,

    Nicholas Chia is has been an OXYGEN contributor for some time. Recently graduated from SMU, he is currently teaching in a junior college.

    You’re right, it does sound like a good idea for this website to have a little background of the contributors. I’ll suggest it at our next meeting.


  9. Hi Tay i was wondering what had really happened to you guys!I used to receive Daily Reflections in my mail box nad all over sudden, they stopped.Did you just stop sending the reflections to my mail or i was unsubscribed to the group?
    Be Blessed and keep up with the Work of God.

  10. Hi Luke,

    Mails to your email address have been bouncing, so the Yahoo! Groups stopped sending you emails after six bounces. I have sent you a reactivation email. Just follow the instructions on it, and you will begin receiving the daily email again.


  11. Hi Daniel,

    I visited the Good Shepherd Cathedral and was delighted to see volunteers who toured me around the historical monument of our faith here in Singapore. They provided refreshments for free but it was their friendliness that touched me – I’m a prouder Catholic because of that encounter.

    I also spoke with the Volunteers Patrick, Lawrence and some Ladies that were very accommodating. Please extend to them my appreciation.

    They gave me handouts, I found out about you,let me say that your doing the Lords work here, bless your heart. You’re a gifted writer, doing all of this for the our faith is your prayer to our Good Shepherd, Jesus.

    Gracias mi Hermano.



  12. hey dan and friends!

    just wondering… is there a reason to shorten “God is my Oxygen” to just “Oxygen”? to me, it just seems a little less meaningful without the first 3 words… but that’s my 2 cents la.

    in Christ,

  13. Hi Greg,

    The original name of the ministry is OXYGEN. I used “God is my oxygen” because I couldn’t get “OXYGEN” in the Yahoogroups as a name, nor could I get it in a URL for the website.

    But now I can, using my own website. 🙂


  14. Hello I absolutely love this website and look forward to daily. I have been unable to view any daily reflections since November 20th and was just wondering if this is accurate or if I’m having issues connecting to the site

  15. Hi Jennifer,

    We experienced some technical glitches that caused the reflections to not be published on the site. Things are fine now, thanks!

    God bless,
    OXYGEN team

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